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Pazartesi, 24 Haziran 2019

Turkish sports and Fenerbahce's legendary names Can Bartu, was sent off in the last journey. Youth and Sports Minister of the ceremony held at Ulker Stadium. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ekrem Imamoglu, Fenerbahce President Ali Koc, Fenerbahce Football Team, the yellow-blue community of the former footballers, Can Bartu's relatives and lovers attended.
Can Bartu's daughter Gülfer Arığ said, "We have an indescribable pain. Our family is a great loss for Fenerbahçe and Turkish sports. We would like to thank everyone who is a partner in our sorrow as family. Living in a very special name like Can Bartu It was an invaluable feeling for me to listen to this great community.I have always had the pride of knowing Fenerbahçe as a legend and being there.

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The memories he left will remain eternal for me. Fortunately, my father was the legend of Turkish sports and Fenerbahce. I feel very lucky that it made us love and affection.


In a saying of Islam Chupi 'Can Bartu is the original of a Fenerbahce', yes my father lived for Fenerbahce. We will die but Fenerbahce will live. Please tomorrow, such as Mehmetçik Basri, Lefter and Can be worthy of these fans, "he said.

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Can Bartu said that they experienced the sorrow of losing Volkan Demirel, "We're sorry we lost a big brother has represented Turkey in football, basketball. Can our brother has a special place in the history of Turkish football.

Fenerbahce will be there for the time. Those who live for barred never die. We will always keep Can Ağabey. We're going to carry the bar on our head. And I promise you, we will do everything we can to help your father (turning into his daughter).

'PEOPLE that the reverence TURKEY MEAT, was one of FOOTBALLER'

Can Bartu just a little Wafa stated that the respect of not the Fenerbahçeliler all sports fans, "Can we are here to commemorate the Bartu. I; Jihad, the Lefter'e, Life I reached for watching astounded. Can Bartu just people from Fenerbahce Turkey, not reverence it, At the same time Can Bartu'dan football players, basketball players can see. I give them a long life. My 10-year-old have a grandchildren to him. I gave the name. Can Bartu'nın bowing in love and respect, "he said.

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Most of us were both earthly as well as indigenous to the Italians, and more domestic and national than most of us. Generations that have magnified him become generations that have his name.

Because of her love and respect, some families, regardless of the teams they held, gave their children Can or Bartu. How many athletes have this symbol in Turkish sports history? It is our responsibility to transfer the millions to the future generations. Good thing Fenerbahce. We know that he will always live in our hearts, though he is no longer among us. There are so many legends not die. Fortunately, we are people who know Can Bartu. We were planning to watch tomorrow's derby match. We will not be able to watch the match. I wish he could have accumulated with us tomorrow. Tomorrow, 50 thousand, and where they are in place where millions of Fenerbahce Can Bartu'nun will watch the match. Keep your eye behind you.


These fans will play for you guys tomorrow and they will win. He'il never forget. Thousands of athletes who will carry this jersey will always remember you with love and respect. Always proudly entrust us with the barred jersey you carry. Halal the right to us. His condolences to his family, the community and the Turkish sport, "he said.

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Can Bartu'nun her yönüyle örnek bir insan olduğuna dikkat çeken Gençlik ve Spor Bakanı Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, "Bugün bir efsaneye veda etmek, ebediyete uğurlamak üzere bir araya geldik. Her yönüyle; sporcu kişiliği, insani yönü ve davranışlarıyla örnek bir şahsiyeti, bir ağabeyimizi kaybetmenin üzüntüsü içerisindeyiz. Ancak 'Efsaneler ölmez' inancı içerisinde Can Bartu'yu gelecek nesillere, gençlere anlatarak onun sporcu kişiliğini öğreterek ilelebet yaşatmanın gayreti içerisinde olacağız. Tüm milletimize sabırlar diliyorum. Mekanı cennet olsun" diye konuştu.



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